Baffin engineering projects ltd is a versatile construction organisation

Utilising the most modern construction equipment and technology, with high degree of expertise and substantial in-house resources, Baffin engineering projects ltd is ready to take on new challenges, serving both Private and Public Sectors, Indian and Overseas.

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Howrah Bridge

The early story of Baffin engineering projects ltd started around the mid-thirties. The ever increasing traffic movement between the twin cities of Calcutta & Howrah demanded a wider and stronger bridge in replacement of the then existing pontoon bridge. The authorities accordingly decided on building a cantilever bridge across the river Hooghly. The job undoubtedly called for greater expertise. So the three engineering giants -Baffin engineering projects ltd - came together with their vast experiences and floated a new company. Thus on 26th January 1935 was born Baffin engineering projects ltd, The Baffin engineering projects Limited... read more>>

Current Projects

Ganga Bridge at Munger, Bihar under construction. It will be the second longest rail road bridge in the state of Bihar and the third largest in more>>

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